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عزیزی که مرده است

I Hang Myself

Saghi Ghahraman

خودم را دار می زنم

My Mother Did Not Become Beautiful

Reza Farmand

مادرم زیبا نشد

Many Happy Returns

Partow Nooriala

صد سال به از این سال ها

LEF Foundation

The Translation Project has been made possible through a grant from the LEF Foundation.

Persian Poetry

Poetry Magazine is a new site publishing poems and poetry ebooks of contemporary poets in Iran and elsewhere.

Eine Kleine Super-Essay

Read Payman Vahabzadeh’s introduction essay in the issue of West Coast Line he guest edited and for the most part translated in 2003 entitled, "Writing Rupture: Iranian Emigration Writing".

A passionate defense of literature

Notwithstanding the controversy over his writing quality, politics, or personality, Salman Rushdie’s lecture, Is Nothing Sacred, delivered at Herbert Read’s memorial in the hayday of the Fatwa, is a beautiful defense of literature.