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How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways to contribute to this work. We like to put forth products and ideas that have incubated through research and the advice of numerous professionals. In order to meet all our tasks as an expanding organization, we welcome volunteers, interns, project partners, collaborators, donations, advisors and people who share our vision. Please write us if you are interested in developing a relationship with us.

Christensen Fund

The Translation Project has been made possible through a generous grant from The Christensen Fund.

Markazi TV Interview

Markazi Satellite TV interviews Niloufar about the project and will screen footage from Paper Boats, the DVD of films based on poetry. Interview can also be viewed online at

9 – 10 pm PST (Los Angeles Time)

Society of Iranian Professionals

Screening our Poetryfilms and doing a dramatic collaborative reading at SIP’s annual Spring event.

FAZ Restaurant, Grand Ballroom
1108 N. Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale

Tickets: Free for Members, $15 for Non Members
Event Information: 408.236.2188

Read an event summary here.


The presentation consisted of my talking about the VISION of The Translation Project, a dramatic reading of poetry accompanied by Ostadd Nejad, and a screening of selections from our DVD. It went very well and the audience was engaged and excited. Afterwards, I was able to meet and chat with numbers of audience members. A handful of community members offered to donate $100 towards the completion of the DVD. Since then, we have decided to release a preview version of the DVD to be given as a gift with donation. Had we known it would be in such demand, we would have released it sooner! Preview-DVD is scheduled for late June 2006.

Translation Carnival

Participants were young translators, either on a Comparative Literature Ph. D. track or already teaching. Conversations in various workshops and panels were very stimulating and I met translators such as Jason Grunebaum, Guillan Siassi, Rebecca McKay, Nina Shevchuk, Danny Refinejad, Nahrain Al-Mousawi and Eugene Sampson.
My poetryfilms were to screen, but the timing of their screening was not well-planned (scheduled after the Carnival ended and everyone was gone) and it coincided with apocalyptic mid-west weather, so the audience was no bigger than a handful of U of Iowa translators!