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The Persian Rite of Spring (the story of Norouz)

The Persian Rite of Spring, created by Niloufar Talebi in collaboration with composer and media artist Bobak Salehi, is a multimedia show about the mythology, poetry, music, folklore and celebrations of Norouz/Norooz/Nowruz, a millennia-old tradition celebrated by Iranians and others around the world. The birth of light and its victory over dark is an archetypical dynamic with a series of ceremonies from Yalda (Winter Solstice) through 13-Bedar (Outdoor 13) that usher in the renewal of the world each spring, which The Persian Rite of Spring brings to life. The Persian Rite of Spring world-premiered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art of March 14, 2010 and was commissioned by the Farhang Foundation.

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