The Farhang Foundation

The Persian Rite of Spring was commissioned and co-sponsored by the Farhang Foundation.

James Irvine Foundation

James_Irvine.jpgThe Iranian Literary Arts Festival was made possible in part by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.

Unique Zan Foundation

UniqueZan.pngThe Translation Project is made possible in part by the Unique Zan Foundation.

Christensen Fund

The Translation Project has been made possible through a generous grant from The Christensen Fund.

Zellerbach Family Foundation

zellerbach.jpgThe creation of ICARUS/RISE is made possible in part by a grant from the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors of the Iranian Literary Arts Festival were:

Hedge Gallery   and   Plug and Play Tech Center



W A Gerbode Foundation

gerbode.gif The creation of ICARUS/RISE is funded in part by a grant from the W A Gerbode Foundation.

Walter and Elise Haas Foundation

HAAS.gif The 2007 Festival is made possible in part by the Haas Sr. Foundation.

PARSA Community Foundation

logo.jpgThe final editing stages of BELONGING: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World is supported by a grant from the PARSA Community Foundation

LEF Foundation

The Translation Project has been made possible through a grant from the LEF Foundation.

Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

CHSF_logo_20.gifThe Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation has matched the contribution of their employee to The Translation Project.


ICWT.gifThe completion of anthology manuscript is supported by a generous grant from the International Center for Writing and Translation.


The New York State Council on the Arts awards The Translation Project a translation prize through PEN American Center.


kodoom.jpgKodoom.com lists Iranian events globally, and they have sponsored a number of our events.

Laurel Designs

FlaurelDesigns.jpgLaurel Designs has provided flowers, staff and event management to the Translation Project for the past 4 years.

Persian Mirror

logo3.gifPersian Mirror is one of The Translation Project’s sponsors.


Bita Daryabari
Maryam Ebrahimi
Douglas A. Tilden
John and Marcia Goldman
Michael Tilson Thomas and Joshua Robison
Karim Nassiri Toussi
Michael Shadman
Mahnaz khazen
Farzad Mobin
Rick Kvistad
Farrokh Kaveh
Alberto Solis
Behnaz Cheikh
Mike Taltey
Reza Malek
David Sullivan
Nicole Litvak
Mishana Hosseinioun
Ben Daryabari
Haleh Hatami
Ramin Omid
Kristen Sbrogna
Shima Alaghemand
Mike Bakhshi
Amir Farrahi and Mandana Kompani
Matt Kamkar
Afshin Karimian
Maryam Khotani
Alex and Roxanne Najafi
Shiva Pakdel
Fariba Rezvani
Michael Samak
Mary Sadeghy
Sherry Ramzi

In Kind Donors:
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Donate Now!

The Translation Project is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization without any religious or political ties. We do cultural work that builds bridges between people. We have been lucky in the past to be recipients of grants for new works and events, and we hope to continue receiving them as economic climates shift. However, our day to day operations needs your support. This means, staff, supplies and anything not covered by art grants. If you like what we do, consider making a tax-deductible donation by mailing in a check. We will send you a letter acknowledging your donation for your tax records.

Mail a check written to the ‘Translation Project’ to this address:

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