Wikipedia Lists of Iranian Writers

Wikipedia list of Iranian writers throughout the centuries, which leads to other links with additional information.

Below is a partial list of poets featured in BELONGING: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World:

Amir Hossein Afrassiabi: Biography

A. H. Afrassiabi was born in 1934 in Esfahan, Iran. Poet, short story writer and critic, he has been living in The Netherlands since 1986. He is trained as an architect and has worked as an urban designer in Holland. He started writing poetry as a child and is the author of six books of poetry in Persian plus other poems in Dutch. His Persian books are: Harfhaaye Paa-eezee (Autumn Words), Baa Morghaane Daryaa-ee (With the Seagulls), Eestgaah (Station), Bar Arze Raah (On the Way), Harfhaaye Ezaafe (Additional Words), and Taa Eestgaahe Ba’dee (Until the Next Station). His Dutch poems appear in “Voetsporen” as well as other publications. As chairman of The Iranian Foundation for Culture and Knowledge, he has organized a number of bilingual readings.

The Red Rose I (Persian | English)
The Red Rose II (Persian | English)

Abbas Saffari: Biography

tp-002-150x189.jpgAbbas Saffari (1951-2021) عباس صفاری was born in 1951 in Yazd, Iran and passed away due to complications of COVID-19 in the United States. He was a poet, translator, editor, and artist. Abbas Saffari was one of the first to recite avant garde, surrealist lyrics in Iran for the singer, Farhad. He is the author of Twilight Of Presence (Los Angeles, Tasveer, 1995), Confluence Of Hands and Apples (Los Angeles, Kaaroon, 1992), Wet Matches (Tehran publisher, Morvarid, 2005), Old Camera and Other Poems (Tehran publisher, Saales, 2002) winner of the “Karnameh” Poetry Book of the Year Prize, Like Ink in Water, Laughing in Snow, Walking in Babylon, Don’t Make Me Regret It, and those he edited and translated, such as Pomegranate Blood, and Shepherds’ Bride. He was widely published and read in Iran. He was the poetry editor of Iranian literary magazines in exile such as Sang (1997-2000) and Cactus (2000-2002). He contributed poetry to the online Poets Against the War magazine. His long poem called, “Our Story” is published in US educational books. He studied Sculpture at Long Beach State University and lived in Long Beach, California with his wife and two daughters. He was one of the handful of Iranian poets living outside of Iran whose work is published and read in Iran.

See a page dedicated to Abbas Saffari on Niloufar Talebi’s website that includes his poetry in translation, and short films, and performance footage based on his work: https://www.niloufartalebi.com/abbas-saffari

Partow Nooriala: Biography

tp-004-137x151.jpg Partow Nooriala was born in Teheran in 1946. She started writing classical poetry at the age of thirteen and was introduced to modern Iranian poetry by the age of sixteen. She married at eighteen, but continued her literary endeavors and her education despite the arrival of two children and the disapproval of her family. She acquired a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Social Work Management. Her first book of poetry, A Share of the Years, was printed and ready for distribution in 1972, but eventually banned by the Pahlavi regime for seven years. The ban was finally lifted during the 1979 Revolution. She moved to the United States with her two children in 1986. She is the author of Of the Eye of the Wind, My Earth Altered, With Chained hands in the House of Fortune, Like Me, and Mihan’s Future. None of her poetry has been published in Iran again. Aside from poetry, she is the author of numerous critical pieces on the role of women in art, literature and film of Iran. She was awarded the Best Critical Review prize by the Swedish publisher, Baran in 1996. She regularly appears on panels, lectures at conferences and provides television commentary. She is mentioned in the International Who’s Who In Poetry and Poet’s Encyclopedia, Tenth Edition (2001/2002).

Many Happy Returns (Persian | English)

Majid Naficy: Biography

Majid Naficy was born in Iran in 1952. He published poetry, criticism and an award-winning children’s book in Iran. During the 1970’s Dr. Naficy was politically active against the Shah’s regime. After the 1979 Revolution, as the new regime began to suppress the opposition, his first wife, Ezzat Tabaian and his brother Sa’id were amongst the many to be executed. He fled Iran in 1983, eventually settling in Los Angeles with his son Azad. He has since published six volumes of poetry in both English and Farsi, as well as numerous books of criticism. His most recent volume of poetry in English, Father and Son, was published in 2003 by Red Hen Press and his poem “I Don’t Want You Petroleum” appears in Sam Hamill’s Poets Against the War (Thunder’s Mouth Press / Nation Books, April 2003). He holds a doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from the University of California in Los Angeles. His doctoral dissertation, Modernism and Idealogy in Persian Literature: A Return to Nature in the Poetry of Nima Yushij (University Press of America) was published in 1997. Dr. Naficy is also the co-editor of Daftarhaye Kanoon, a periodical in Farsi published by the Iranian Writer’s Association in Exile.

Night (Persian | English)
Narcissus Flower
(Persian | English)

Nader Naderpour: Biography

See Mr. Naderpour’s official website for information.

A Conversation in the Dark (Persian | English)






Ziba Karbassi: Biography

tp-006-123x150.jpgOne of the rising stars of Iranian poetry, Ziba Karbassi was born in 1974 in Tabriz, Iran. She left Iran in 1989 and now lives between London and Paris. She has published five volumes of poetry in Persian, all outside Iran, and continues to write prolifically. Her poetry tackles difficult themes with a mastery of craft and has received wide critical attention. She has been translated into several languages. An entire volume of her poetry is being translated into English by Stephen Watts. She was recently voted as Director of the Association of Iranian Writers in Exile. Ms. Karbasi tours on a regular basis to present her work and participate in various events.

Gravequake (Persian | English)
(Persian | English)
Love is Lemony
(Persian | English)
Song of Ruin
(Persian | English)

Saghi Ghahraman: Biography

Saghi Ghahraman was born in 1957 in Mash’had, Iran. She studied Classic & Contemporary Persian Literature at Azarabadegan University in Tabriz. Following the attacks on the women’s organization she was working with, she left Iran in 1982 and stayed as a refugee in Turkey until 1987. She now resides in Toronto where she works with PEN Canada’s Exiled Writer program, and is on the board of editors for Descan, a literary magazine in Canada. She has published three collections of poetry, and one collection of short stories by Afra-Pegah publishing, Of lies (1997), And the Whore is the Savior (1998), Saghi Ghahraman, That’s All (2003), and It’s Painful to Be a Cow When You’re Lonely (2003). Saghi also presents her English Poetry at venues such as Metropolice Blue, Montreal, 2001, and The Festival of Books, Windsor, 2003.

I Hang Myself (Persian | English)
The Dead Dear One
(Persian | English)

Reza Farmand: Biography

Reza Farmand was born in 1956 in Tabriz, Iran and spent his elementary and junior high years in Teheran. Later, he studied Social Sciences in India and English Studies in Denmark. Poetry seduced him since an early age. His first volume of poetry, The Eternal Dance, was published in Iran in 1984 but was censored and banned for containing words like "breast" as well as addressing social issues. He’s lived in Denmark since 1985. He has published eight volumes of poetry outside of Iran. His most recent volumes are, My Mother did not Become Beautiful, White Nights, and Polar Poems.

My Mother did not Become Beautiful ( Persian | English)