Not Just A Mass Invitation

Dear special supporters of the Translation Project,

     I am personally writing you to invite you for a special cause.  As an early believer in and/or contributor to our ground-breaking projects, you are in the position to make something happen for our small but mighty organization.

     Because the financial situation that unfolded last year, we respected our supporters’ space and did not send out any calls for support last year.  That was the last thing you needed.  Now with our new fiscal year starting on July 1, we think the time has come.

     Let me explain a little about WHY nonprofits need INDIVIDUAL donors:  apart from the obvious infusion of cash, the more important reason is to indicate income from individual donors on our FOUNDATION grant applications.  As you may know, the Translation Project has been steadily successful in garnering foundation support to deliver projects no other organization does (this may sound like a lot of income, but even with our success, the funds barely cover programming, let alone the infrastructure that makes that programming happen.  Go figure, that’s the imperfect world of US nonprofits for you!).  This is partly because we have shown DIVERSITY in income, which funders like.  So for this ‘little engine that could’ to continue its powerful work, it’s imperative that after taking one year off from individual contributions, that we indicate income in that category AGAIN.

     So I am personally asking you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to our 501 C 3 nonprofit.  We are without any religious or political ties.  We are committed to doing cultural work that builds bridges for Iranian culture.  Our day to day operations needs your support.  This means accounting, supplies and other boring things.  If you like what we do, wait until you hear about the project we are developing with an amazing young female Iranian epic storyteller (Gordafarid)…

With lots of heart and passion,

Niloufar Talebi


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