**SOLD OUT** Screening and Fundraiser

A ONE-NIGHT-ONLY SCREENING of PAPER BOATS: Short Films of Contemporary Iranian Poetry, a one of a kind artist collaboration, in this sneak-preview screening of a work in progress. Fusing San Francisco’s avant-garde dancers, performers, musicians and filmmakers with contemporary Iranian poetry, PAPER BOATS offers its audience a truly unique look at the collaborative process. PAPER BOATS features seven contemporary Iranian poems acted out by performers with live music composed for each poem to a sold-out house at the ODC Theater. Gaining one more level of interpretation, external images were added to the edited performance footage, creating powerful shorts. PAPER BOATS also includes a narrated section on the history of Persian poetry, a fascinating behind the scenes, as well as a coming attractions section. This unique event allows the audience to see its process, and the individual interpretation of the poetry that each collaborator brings to the piece as we invite support to take it to completion. Musical ensemble lead by Hafez Modirzadeh, ODC show directed by Zara Houshmand, production, design and choreography by Ballet Afsaneh, and editing by InVision Productions.

Dolby Laboratories
100 Potrero Avenue (cross street is Alameda)
San Francisco, CA
Reception 6:30 pm, Screening 7pm