Amir Hossein Afrassiabi: Biography

A. H. Afrassiabi was born in 1934 in Esfahan, Iran. Poet, short story writer and critic, he has been living in The Netherlands since 1986. He is trained as an architect and has worked as an urban designer in Holland. He started writing poetry as a child and is the author of six books of poetry in Persian plus other poems in Dutch. His Persian books are: Harfhaaye Paa-eezee (Autumn Words), Baa Morghaane Daryaa-ee (With the Seagulls), Eestgaah (Station), Bar Arze Raah (On the Way), Harfhaaye Ezaafe (Additional Words), and Taa Eestgaahe Ba’dee (Until the Next Station). His Dutch poems appear in “Voetsporen” as well as other publications. As chairman of The Iranian Foundation for Culture and Knowledge, he has organized a number of bilingual readings.

The Red Rose I (Persian | English)
The Red Rose II (Persian | English)