Partow Nooriala: Biography

tp-004-137x151.jpg Partow Nooriala was born in Teheran in 1946. She started writing classical poetry at the age of thirteen and was introduced to modern Iranian poetry by the age of sixteen. She married at eighteen, but continued her literary endeavors and her education despite the arrival of two children and the disapproval of her family. She acquired a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Social Work Management. Her first book of poetry, A Share of the Years, was printed and ready for distribution in 1972, but eventually banned by the Pahlavi regime for seven years. The ban was finally lifted during the 1979 Revolution. She moved to the United States with her two children in 1986. She is the author of Of the Eye of the Wind, My Earth Altered, With Chained hands in the House of Fortune, Like Me, and Mihan’s Future. None of her poetry has been published in Iran again. Aside from poetry, she is the author of numerous critical pieces on the role of women in art, literature and film of Iran. She was awarded the Best Critical Review prize by the Swedish publisher, Baran in 1996. She regularly appears on panels, lectures at conferences and provides television commentary. She is mentioned in the International Who’s Who In Poetry and Poet’s Encyclopedia, Tenth Edition (2001/2002).

Many Happy Returns (Persian | English)