Saghi Ghahraman: Biography

Saghi Ghahraman was born in 1957 in Mash’had, Iran. She studied Classic & Contemporary Persian Literature at Azarabadegan University in Tabriz. Following the attacks on the women’s organization she was working with, she left Iran in 1982 and stayed as a refugee in Turkey until 1987. She now resides in Toronto where she works with PEN Canada’s Exiled Writer program, and is on the board of editors for Descan, a literary magazine in Canada. She has published three collections of poetry, and one collection of short stories by Afra-Pegah publishing, Of lies (1997), And the Whore is the Savior (1998), Saghi Ghahraman, That’s All (2003), and It’s Painful to Be a Cow When You’re Lonely (2003). Saghi also presents her English Poetry at venues such as Metropolice Blue, Montreal, 2001, and The Festival of Books, Windsor, 2003.

I Hang Myself (Persian | English)
The Dead Dear One
(Persian | English)